Natural Link Wheel (Non Interconnected)
Our Main Service with successful proprietary method

After months of success, we are able now to offer a product that have gave us great results, we use this method over and over with excellent results.

And minimizing the risk as each one of the Web 2.0 is unique and independant and points to your mony site using 2 links, one to your main page and other to an inner page.

+ We will also give you all the accounts we used! A detailed file with all your 2.0 properties accounts – You retain full control and ownership over the link wheel!

  8 Web 2.0 Properties >> $67

  • 8 Web 2.0 properties with unique content. (squidoo, wordpress, vox, etc)
  • 1 Custom Video (uploaded to & used across the link wheel)
  • RSS / Feed Submission to over 20 powerful directories.
  • All property’s are mass pinged and rss bookmarked with (with more than 40 sites)
  • Each article on each property is also mass Bookmarked to 30 sites.
  • Totally around 200 backlinks that helps you getting to be good page rank for your site.
  • You can include 2 Links per article – Up to 8 keywords / Anchor Text

BONUS: Blast of at least 200 articles pointed to your properties to add link juice!