Australian’s $1 billion web design agency to open office in New Zealand

An Australian web design company is to open its first office in the New Zealand capital Auckland, with plans to expand to other cities in the country in the future.

The company, which is part of the international group Digital Design Agency Australia, said it would open its new office on Monday, according to a statement on its website.

Digital Design Agency is one of many companies, including digital design agency Bizarro and mobile app developer Bizarri, that are planning to open offices in New York, Los Angeles and London over the next year.

The office, which has been in the planning stages for more than two years, is part-owned by the Australian agency B.C. digital agency Digital Design Australia, which will operate the business.

Digital design is the new digital age in the design industry, as companies and individuals alike seek to create products and services online, with the goal of selling them digitally.

Its importance to the business of digital design is partly driven by the fact that it has become an increasingly important way of attracting people to a project, said David Johnson, a co-founder of Digital Design and one of the co-founders of the Australian group.

A key component of digital marketing is the digital advertising that can be created on the web.

Johnson said he had been impressed by the quality of digital ads that Digital Design had produced, including for a number of clients.

Digital designers have become a key component in the success of new digital companies.

Digital design is becoming a key tool for digital companies, with companies seeking to build a business online using digital tools such as software to generate content, to build an online presence and to market their products online.

Digital advertising is a key part of digital companies’ business model, and digital companies such as Google and Facebook are using the internet to build and monetise websites.

The move by Digital Design to open a New Zealand office follows the success in New Jersey of an Australian design agency that opened its first New Zealand location in 2014.

The digital agency is a partnership between Digital Design, a New York-based design agency, and the Australian digital design company Digital Design A-Team.

It is part owner of Bizaro, a digital agency that specializes in advertising, design and digital marketing.

Digital designer Daniel Hui said he was thrilled about the move.

“It’s a great opportunity to start doing work in the United States, in New New York City, and hopefully it’ll be the beginning of a new phase of Australian digital development,” he said.

“There’s so much more opportunity in Australia for Australian companies to come into the market.”

The New Zealand site of Digital Designer is located in the heart of Auckland, just a stone’s throw from the city’s iconic skyline.