Online dating: How to be more confident in your online dating profile

On the heels of the first round of online dating rankings, it has emerged that many of the world’s top online dating sites are not as safe as they might seem.

In fact, the ranking for top online Dating sites, published by technology site Zazzle, shows that over 80 per cent of them are now vulnerable to cyber attack.

According to the report, many of these sites are being used to facilitate the illegal downloading of copyrighted movies, music and other copyrighted material.

Zazzle said that some of the top 10 websites are being accessed by criminals who have illegally downloaded copyrighted material from movie studios.

“Over 50 per cent are being exploited to download and share copyrighted material,” Zazzlle wrote.

“It’s an increasingly prevalent phenomenon and we’ve seen more and more examples of it in recent years.”

“The recent revelations about the extent of the data breach at the film studio Miramax and other entertainment companies have also highlighted the importance of protecting the intellectual property rights of the content creators and the content consumers who purchase it.”

We’ve seen the consequences of this in the case of online streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

“A number of these websites have been the target of attacks by criminals looking to get their hands on stolen data.”

And they’re not the only ones.””

With these high ranking sites, users have a high degree of trust and confidence in the platform they are using.

“The websites which offer users a safe environment to access content are also the ones where the biggest risk of hacking and data loss is borne by users.”

Zazzlke added that the top online companies listed on the report include such well-known names as Airbnb, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, Yahoo and Pinterest.

The company said that over half of the sites were linked to cyber attacks.

“Of the top ten, only three sites are secure from cyber attacks,” it said.

“Three are in the top 100 on our ranking, and two are in our top 10.

These sites are Amazon, Airbnb, LinkedIn and Pinterest.”

Zazzzle added that one of the biggest concerns of the security team was that some sites were not taking any security measures to protect users and data.

While the list of sites was compiled using data from the Alexa ranking service, it did not reveal how many of them were using a secure browser.