Why GOP has no plans to take on Obama over healthcare law

The GOP has a plan to pass the healthcare law, but it won’t be on the same page as the president, according to the chairman of the Republican Study Committee.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., on Friday told reporters that Republicans would be on a “new page” as they try to pass legislation that doesn’t go beyond the president’s executive actions on healthcare.

Meadows said there’s no new direction the GOP will take on the healthcare bill.

Instead, he said, Republicans are focused on “making sure we’re on the right page.”

He said the Republican plan “will not be as much about what you’re going to see on the front page as it is what we’re going with in the back.”

Meadow said Republicans will have to figure out what is the best way to keep premiums down and how they can keep consumers from leaving the insurance marketplace.

He said that there is no way Republicans will get rid of the mandate that most Americans receive insurance, which he said is a key part of the Affordable Care Act.

Mills said the GOP’s “top priority” is making sure premiums don’t go up.

But, he added, the law will also include tax credits and Medicaid expansions.

Maidows said Republicans are “not going to do this on a grand scale” like the Democrats did in the Affordable Health Care Act, but will “look at each piece” that could help make the health care law more affordable.

Republicans want to lower premiums and keep them low while still allowing them to go up when needed, he continued.

Moody’s Analytics, which tracks the health insurance market, projected that premiums in 2018 will average about 17% higher than in 2019.MEPs are expected to vote on the bill in the House Thursday.