What’s next for Cleveland’s web design industry?

By LESLIE O’NEILLAssociated PressAssociated PressCLEVELAND (AP)A new Cleveland Web Design Industry Summit will take place Monday in Boston to discuss the state’s Web design industry and the need for a statewide industry guide.

The meeting will be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, where the city hosted a summit on the Internet and the Arts last year.

The summit will be moderated by the Cleveland-based Web Design Institute and will include presentations by representatives from Cleveland’s own Web Design Association, Cleveland’s Department of Education and the American Society of Community Media.

A panel of experts will discuss best practices and guidelines for Web design and other emerging industries in the state.

They will also offer tips on how to get the most out of your business and make it an industry you’re proud of.

The Web Design Forum, which is funded by the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the Greater Greater Cleveland Business Council and other local organizations, is a statewide effort to foster the development of a better Web design market and encourage more business and business-related innovation.

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