‘Mama, I Want to Leave’: Woman Says Her Husband Is Making Her Leave Job

A woman from Utah says her husband has threatened to leave her job if she doesn’t move out of her apartment.

Kirsten Saylor is the executive director of the Utah Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and she said her husband, Scott, is keeping a “very high” level of pressure on her.

Scott Saylor said he doesn’t want to be the person that puts her in the position where she’s going to be able to do whatever she wants with her life,” she said.

Saylor said she’s been receiving numerous threats over the past several months.”

We have received threats that he has actually threatened to kill us,” Saylor told NBC station KSL.

Sutherland Springs police responded to Saylor’s apartment, and Saylor was charged with felony harassment.

Saylor has a criminal record, and a warrant for her arrest was issued.KSL reports that Saylor claimed that her husband threatened to harm her, but that she’s now receiving support from the Salt Lake City Police Department and police in Utah.SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Utah — A Utah woman says her former husband has been threatening to kill her and has been harassing her with harassing emails, phone calls, and text messages for over a year.

Kristin Saylor says Scott Saylor keeps telling her he wants to leave the family home in Sutherland Springs, Utah, and that she can’t do it alone.

Sallysa says that in March of this year, she received an email from Scott Sayers home saying he was leaving her job.”

I was kind of dumbfounded by it, I mean, it just really pissed me off because I think he’s being a big hypocrite,” Sallysas husband, according to Salls attorney, Robert McNeil.”

He is just using a very high level of emotion to make me feel like I’m a threat to him,” McNeil told KSL, adding that the emails are filled with personal attacks against Sallans family.

Sally says she didn’t respond to the emails, and in April, Sallks wife said she sent another one to her and asked for the contents to be deleted.

Salles email was deleted after her husband responded with a series of threatening messages.”

And it just kind of just escalated from there,” McNeilly told KSMV.SALLYSA said that while she and her husband were separated, they were able to communicate via text message.

Salls wife says she sent messages back and forth with her ex, who responded to messages with insults.”

She says, ‘You don’t understand, I’m the one that is in the middle of this, you’re not.

You don’t know what I am going through right now,'” Sallies wife told KSNV.

The couple’s relationship has also been strained over custody of their daughter, but Sallisa says they are working through their issues.”

This is the first time in my life where I’ve been able to just kind-of walk away and go my own way,” Salla said.”

Scott Sayers is the one, that’s the guy that has threatened me to do anything he wants,” Sally told NBC News.

McNeil said that when Sallayers ex asked for a restraining order against her, she didn, but the restraining order was denied.

Salla says that Sall’s ex didn’t contact her to ask for an interview, and he did not ask her for an explanation of the restraining orders.

Salla says she believes she is being targeted by Sallars ex because of her work for the Utah Alliance Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, which she co-founded with McNeil and a number of others.”

They just want to intimidate people.

And I just think that it’s the most extreme, I think that they’ve been targeting her for a long time.”