Phases in Life

We all go through phases in life some more painful than others, we cannot always be perfect. At best we play the cards we’ve been dealt and make due with what we do have in life. You can’t pre-plan your life to turn out the way you want it to be always, sometimes you have to compromise your feelings and wants in life to accommodate the needs of others. That’s called doing what’s in the best interests of others, whether or not their needs conflict with your own. Good decision making skills occur on good terms it’s when we are at odds we get tested for our decision making skills left to our own devices to keep separate the weak or poor or leaders or followers for what purpose does that serve everyone deserves their own sense of agency in life. But when things are good … enjoy the moment, you never know how long anything will last, know your best timing in life and go from there one good decision to the next and soon enough you’ll end up places you want to be in life with people who equally admire you for your effort and hard work as you admire them for theirs.

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