Doing the Right Thing

There’s a method to any madness and it’s usually to end up right side up with yourself in tact, it’s never advantageous for us to accommodate those who express negative sentiments toward ourselves that usually leaves one feeling downtrodden or misstepped in life, the other lighting up to your misfortunes in life or misguidance. You can be doing everything right in life and something can still go wrong. It is for our errors we correct moving forward that gives us the wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong. Nothing wrong ever feels good and if one thinks so they are sorely misguided for a different type of life and incentives. When you do good in the world good follows and vice versa I believe if one listens well and trusts the right people than those errors past can be corrected and likewise prepared for the worst, with the know how of doing the right thing despite all odds, and not enabling nor allowing those in competition for spots in life to define them but rather be defined by ones strengths in life and that begins by knowing the difference between right and wrong. Rarely if ever is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others but happiness is achieved at best when one is well not by being co-dependent upon the wellness of others or for added reassurances share blessings of defeat or misery, company is best served when positives can be shared not upon the disclosure of weaknesses it’s by how we see ourselves we feel and likewise others will see us for what we’re worth on a superficial and later meaningful level with further acceptance and reassurances trust is built and from the basis of those relationships formed can confidence be achieved in any setting uncued by others for insight led by our own intuitions.

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