What People Think

It should not matter to you as a writer, worrying what people think of you, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. The whole purpose for writing is self expression and to benefit the reader. A lot of people blog and to that you should feel no different. As someone with bipolar I’m constantly having to remind myself of my own affirmations in life, that’s how I regroup. If you constantly worry what other people think of you then you wind up running yourself rampant with self defeative thoughts and wind up setting yourself up for failure emotionally. Always do your best but not to the extent that you sacrifice your good wits about you. I used to think that I was capable of reading others but later found out that that is just delusion reading the thoughts of others. It’s best to read your own thoughts not worry what other people think you’ll be better off in that way. Thought disorders is not something I thought I would encounter in life as a writer getting As in law school. But it is a condition you just have to monitor your thoughts so that everything doesn’t go into disarray. I call this keeping your marbles together. As a college student I struggled with addiction and drinking my senior year went from Deans List to near Academic Probation, these are small failures in life you can overcome if you just listen well and go through the motions. They say that once the light switch gets turned on it’s always on and you just have to monitor yourself and stay well.

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