My Decision to Work From Home

It’s never easy making life changes but working from home is one of them. We make choices in life based upon our needs and what works best for us. This may not be understood well by most why people stay home work from home. We don’t all have options in life to commute to work or be out and about some of us are best functioning from home. Everybody needs outlets for support and any people time is good time it’s not always wise to be a recluse and stay home activities are always good for socialization. Social skills are much to do with being comfortable with yourself, well adjusted to self and accepting of others. Once you figure that much out your likely to make friends easily be easy to talk to and approachable. This takes time, knowing who you are, setting limits, and boundaries with others in your life as you see best fit. Not all are welcoming to those with diss ease and mental health issues it tends to be a very competitive branch of acceptance to those who are not well off or doing well in life that’s just a fact of life those not in suits with jobs with a daily schedule in and out of the home are automatically assumed or deemed useless to society or overcome with addiction and disease. That’s not always true. Some stay home to get well and when outside of the home do their best to get well too. When you don’t know much about a person it’s easy to judge someone based upon their outsides judge them as doing well or not on the inside. This is where beauty comes into play, those who are beautiful are judged as doing well inside and out, hence the struggle to look well and do well in life to be judged on the outside as well doing well in life. The times are not easy but with the advent of at home jobs once thought to be gimmicky ads online have become reassuringly possible via blogging and writing from home, now paid for positions in society. What was once seen as a waste of time “blogging” is now a career choice 2018. Ive been a blogger online for years now without pay that’s by choice and also a result of not doing the research well enough and applying for positions. ODesk at the time seemed insufficient to pay the bills by dollars and cents per word, how does that equal a paycheck? I’ve just signed up for BloggMutt, as a company with 3,000+ readers a month I could expand my business and pay for other writers to contribute to my website but think that making a paycheck is the first order of business next to expanding my brand and voice. Money will never cease to constrain our options in life, the sky’s the limit online, but within reason. What it looks like seems to still bear the budge when it comes to best practices online and image. First things first get a job, trust is everything in business dealings online, and how you are perceived by others well that trust too is important making any moves forward in life. Until you are able to make money on your own will you be able to understand the value of the work by others. And until you value yourself will you be able to understand the value of getting paid for the work you produce, feel worthy during your time with others, and socialize with the ease of knowing that you are valued, of value, and an asset to society. All of those things encompass what it means to be considered a professional online, and as a writing professional writing for pay seems like the next big step toward self-respect and being of value online to my readers and being of value to myself, be proud of myself in doing so. Next goals: Finish writing my second book, continue to write online helpful posts as I go, live life knowing I matter to me, and finish law school earn the education merits of a job well done in life be proud of myself for a change and not care so much about what other people think, be myself for myself and be able to be accepting of the negative or positive opinions of others about myself or others without reacting or responding to them just the same be positive not easily changed or manipulated by others. That is my dream: be proud of myself, confident.

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