Knowing Your Identity: Business Model

When you know your identity nothing else seems to matter not easily affected by others with a sense of direction in life commensurate with your education and work experience. That is your life and based upon your experiences in life make decisions. It’s not all about who you know in life that can only take you so far there are plenty of people in the world who know and have grown up around famous people who do not get very far in life exploiting those interests or sides in life that’s not how to grow as a professional and become well known. It’s by your work ethic that you become you and likewise respect is derived from those vantage points based upon how well you are and are doing in life. Fame is a manifestation of wellness and by wellness I mean earning capacity not by sides or interests or by joining or fundraising for campaigns that’s not how decisions are made benefiting from the hardships faced by others or by calling attention to the weaknesses or negative possibilities highlight what’s going wrong that’s not what gathers attention but by respectfully acknowledging what’s going wrong seek to share a perspective that benefits self and the reader to know the writer not by knowing who the writer knows. For many years now I have kept my Facebook private and friend lists sought by other means Twitter to showcase my writing skills and talents. I’m now just learning a new forum to write in WordPress, everyone needs a job in life and eventually with enough skill shown can get a paid position one day not merely be an inter but by skills I have acquired get a job in a paying position, this takes time. -Current Business Model: Continue to work on myself and when ready to work get a job so that I can afford to build and pitch a website for funding for writers not just pay writers out of my own pocket for the expense to build a website then can consider the possibility of hosting writers on a website built by me. The whole purpose of building a website was to showcase my writing portfolio what becomes of my writing is based upon the choices I make for myself at the present and whether I am able to get a job will determine whether I’m able to create jobs or spaces for others to write in paid positions. Thinking out loud … those are not present concerns of mine but by negative opinions of me thought it would be wise to share about my future interests, plans or dreams just in case that matters to anyone reading trying to identify me or my future or my present matters of concern plaguing me, it’s by my own position in life I’m struggling and that’s no one’s business to know my current weaknesses in life or ailments everyone’s entitled their right to privacy not be made vulnerable to the interests of others put down in life further than they can comprehend. It’s not appropriate to pre-determine courses for people in life, it’s in everyone’s best interests to have a sense of agency on their own to make choices for themselves in life not needing guidance from others in order to do well achieve in life or run the risk of being misguided made to look stupid by others in front of others casted out as something they are not.

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