It Not Necessary For People to Know Who You Are

It’s not necessary for people to know who you are in life in order to be treated well or respected new into your life or knowing you be interfered with or thought to be judged by. When in need of help we often go to those empowered or doing well in life in order to get better or achieve in life that’s the direction of empowerment from sick to well is how the sickly achieve a better condition by relying upon those who are well or are doing well in life to achieve the same wellness or likewise achieve well in life maybe not the same acceptance wise but certainly not less than acceptance wise. Never play with the images of others, that’s an unnecessary hardship to either not condone, put down, be in group non-acceptance of, or draw negative inference of or about someone without them knowing it’s about them or their life or in reference to their life or lives publicized as negative or suggestive of an implied assumption about someone’s good character that’s called unecessary referencing to individuals and making fun of the identity of someone who upon meeting overcast a general doubt as to their good character is called manifesting a hate toward a person or set of individuals who upon watching recognize something occurring without them knowing what’s occurring to see how they respond if made to look stupid in the negative or positive toward themselves or others that’s called an unwanted experiment with someone’s good character. -Depending upon the size of a persons ego they are either affected or not by the negative judgments of others or hurt physically, emotionally, or spiritually that pain can be seen by others not caused by the person experiencing pain in life or embarrassment or hardship. The main lesson here is that if you are experiencing an internal struggle, frustration, or aggravated by someone purposefully don’t self-harm and seek assistance from a medical professional to help you recover from your ailments in life whatever they may be. No one deserves to get hurt by others and we would hope the same that no one becomes ill to the struggles faced by others in life that’s called empathy. -PLEASE NOTE: I’m not doing well in life and by that example I am not responsible for the wellness of others or the reader can only by my own experiences share to the readers benefit not my own to stay ahead in life and not have to experience the same kinds of ailments I suffer from or disabilities or hardships I’ve had to overcome in life be put down.

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