Overcoming Fear

Sometimes you just have to do as your told, to correct any problem outside the scope of your ability to handle on your own, we listen to others. Life is not easy especially when connected to any pains in life. We may try to find comfort in that pain surrounded by others who are similarly situated but things still may not get better on your own. You have to stay productive. It’s easy to create an image for yourself as though nothing is wrong with you but things may still go wrong in your life. You only have control over yourself in life no one else, and when your life is under control everything likewise tends to fall into place. Until we are well will we be surrounded by others who are well. Success comes to those who work hard not necessarily those with the best image in life. You have to do for you what makes you happy in life and when you are happy others will be seemingly happy around you. If it’s drinking that’s the problem then stop drinking. If it’s attachments that are the problem then stop getting attached. And if it’s fighting that’s the problem then don’t fight. Everything passes with time and likewise delusions pass too, especially when we are not sure of ourselves and others not sure what we are doing wrong often times it helps to talk to others in order to get well. You can’t fake it in life you either are true to your good character or not, you just have to keep moving forward not allow others to get under your skin and likewise they will not be easily bothered by your awkwardness and fears about life. Life’s all about fitting in and acceptance never be too hard on yourself to the point that you self-harm, people are forgiving and if you continue to allow the pain to fester your past will haunt you. Why it’s important to do things daily for yourself that makes you feel good about yourself and others. Knowing how to behave well and be accepted is always one step in a positive direction toward changing your life for the better.

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