The Importance of Being Appropriate

All too often we let loose thinking that by freeing ourselves of our obligations to behave appropriately that we will be accepted the same. Always be appropriate. As you get older it becomes more and more important for you to behave well. Not just for acceptance but to help maintain your own self-confidence. Setting boundaries is a must when it comes to drinking and going out, it’s when we let our walls down that we are most likely to get hurt. It’s okay to talk to people but it’s not okay to be talked to with expectation to get something from you. We all have lives to share and with those lives, while bettering ourselves everyday be able to best help others in their lives as we are, hopefully stronger as a result of our experiences past. No one can change you but yourself. You are always in control of your direction and focus in life. Don’t let anyone change you. We all get left behind at certain points in our lives but that doesn’t mean that people don’t care for you or have purposefully abandoned you. You just have to always do your best to reconnect with others as you are now not for where you have been in life but as you accept yourself the more accepting of yourself you are the more accepting others will be as you are now.

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