Fighting Through The Pain of Embarrassment and Failure

Life isn’t perfect, if it were all together perfect we would be better off alone than around people. Sometimes you just have to let things go, harping on the negatives is no way out of a bind in life. Forgiveness comes first to none when it comes to moving forward in life. Not by connecting to well to be well -see or achieve better in life but by recognizing our gifts in life not worsen the conditions of ourselves or others. When nothing feels good that’s time to stop and reflect on what has past and what you can do better in life. Some of us are better off alone than in talking to people made to feel better about ourselves or others. It all comes back to you karma in life a product of the choices you make and decisions you put forward to achieve your goals in life irrespective of what others think about you have thoughts of your own. When someone belittles any facet of your life don’t allow anyone to get the best of you. I think they say that so that no one can affect you or frustrate you or your purpose in life get irritated. That’s not a good feeling experiencing any fight within yourself is not a humbling experience and so are not voices especially soothing or intimacy during times of trouble. When you feel ill always share with someone what’s causing you illness it can be cured. Always stay positive even if no one is positive toward you. The body repairs itself. If we were all made up of tiny humans then that would make sense how I lost 50 lbs and then gained it back. Focus is everything toward maintaining any well condition your mind has to be in the right place in order for things to go well for you in life. That is my belief. No one is perfect and I may not always be right and poor judgment passes but that doesn’t mean give up and stop trying. You can only be you. Don’t worry about what other people think that can only cause chaos and emotional disturbance at any top in life try to seek acceptance from others when not well. Acceptance is given to those who are well and so on and so forth. These are lessons we learn along the way, life’s not all about satisfaction in life or pleasing others, it’s mostly about staying well and keeping well others around us not disturb the sense of peace others have in their lives. Life goes on, don’t let your troubles get the best of you, you will always be you no matter what so it’s best to start accepting yourself the way you are not wait until it’s too late to change for the better. Life’s about living for the here and the now not the past and thinking for the future not for ones self. Getting carried away here, but I think I’ve made my point. Illness is inevitable whenever we are focused on wrongs not rights in life, and life can only be made right when you live life a good decision maker solid or not, patient with yourselves and others.

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