Feelings of Loss

Whenever we experience any loss in life it’s always discomforting to see the happinesses of others as projected to the world as if nothing bad has happened. You have to just let people be happy if in that case, your troubles and perceptions in the world are not always right minded and sometimes negativity gets the best of us, you just have to keep moving forward. If what you say you believe then believe that not what others think, do, or say should not affect you. Everyone has a different life philosophy and what work they produce in life is a product of themselves not a by product of the work of others. Appreciate and value yourself to the extent it takes to be proud of yourself, once you are proud of yourself all else tends to fall into place not feed into the disappointments of others or their negative opinions of you. People can only help you for so long as to benefit you and themselves not all interactions end up in lasting relationships but that doesn’t mean that poor opinion of either side to an interaction is necessary to justify or explain separation of interests to parties to an interaction. In other words, just stay positive -less is more. Not all things work out in life and that’s okay it’s when you’re feeling good or feeling well you are able to share that wellness with others that’s a basic understanding of wellness. Your thoughts need to be well in order for you to be able to help others if your thoughts are made to be not well it makes it difficult for you to be there for others. -Don’t waste time in life trying to build others esteems up in life to feel better about themselves that’s a waste of time and energy always with a good heart help others never give your power away to anyone in need of power in order to feel well or better than. That’s called an experiment with your wellness it’s hard to stay well when focused on anyone but yourself your mind wanders as to the best interests of those to whom you keep in mind. Knowing that don’t forget to keep yourself in mind when trying to do well in life.

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