Feeling Down and Out

You can’t pre-plan life, the way you want it to turn out, best you can do is not be predictable when it comes to mood swings and negative opinions of you, your wellness, and your ability to succeed, be picked at, finagled, and made upset, as experiment by others, with your vulnerabilities in life, we are all not matches in life and thats okay. Some of us as extremely sensitive to the opinions of other me myself included. When you get mishandled in life, take a deep breath, and don’t allow someone to control you or make you look or appear stupid in front of others, that is someone knowing you, who knows you, or does not, seeks to improve you, by getting you to understand their position in life, not help your position in life, thats not competition, thats simply someone being manipulative with your condition as unstable, and instead of stabilizing your condition, aggravates your condition, by trying to get to your core, your insides, and seeks to change what is going on inside of you, to test for illness or not. That’s taking someone who is extremely open with everyone, and in front of everyone making them sick. Such poor experiments in life, are a matter of someone not knowing you well enough in life, as recognized not respectful of your condition, and seeks to worsen or make clear you are something you are not. If you ever feel someone in a trusted position is bringing out your vulnerabilities in life, leave, as such manipulation can cause upset, or cause you to feel ill, not in competition with someone, but aggravated light up either good or bad, as in response, to test for aggression toward or toward self, by putting something unwanted inside of you, to test for a victim or offender, what lights you up and makes your face look ugly. It is not the same for everyone. That’s called an unwanted manipulation of a well condition, to see if thats how people respond to you, by your light within or by your light outside of you, always be yourself, its not necessary to change people for the better or for worse, hurt their condition to see what they are made up of, acceptance or non-acceptance, beauty or illness, thats not how someones face changes its by looks.

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